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Kerem HaTeimanim Neighborhood

Ranked 15(!) in the trendiest neighborhood list in the world.

Time Out magazines around the world set a list in 2019 of the 50 best neighborhoods to live and visit around the world, in the most attractive cities to live and visit. The meteoric 15th place was given to Kerem HaTeimanim neighborhood in Tel-Aviv.

The renewing neighborhood has a lot in common with its fellow international dream-team mates. It is multicultural, creative, authentic, picturesque, famous for its modern and ethnic culinary institutes, rich in places to go out, with a diagnosed ethos and a wealth of culture and magic.

The colorful Carmel Market filled with popup stands designated for foodies, the renewed buildings, picturesque alleys, fully packed cafes and bars, has made Beit HaKerem one of the leading places to hang out in the city and a desirable destination for tourists from all over the world.

The energy of this unique neighborhood, the warm heart of its tenants, and its unique character envelop Beit HaTzdafim located at its heart and are now waiting for you as well.



The boutique hotel Beit HaTzdafim is close near everything that’s happening in the city and offers a richness of outgoings and experiences.

The colorful and lively Carmel Market, Bezalel Market, and the Levinski Market filled with spices and delicacies are a short walking distance from the hotel.

The shoreline linked to the story of the hotel in chains of love awaits as well for the guests of Beit HaTzdafim at a short walking distance. The nearest beaches are Hof Tel-Aviv, Banana Beach, Jerusalem Beach, and the Israeli surf club.

The Nachalat Binyamin art fair awakens every Tuesday and Friday waiting for the hotel guests at just a 10-minute walk. At a similar distance, the peaceful and picturesque Nachalat Binyamin neighborhood is waiting with its selection of boutique shops for clothing, jewelry, and galleries. The area is filled with lively restaurants and bars open into the night as the city is known for its non-stoping character.

Culinary tours, culture architecture, and encounters testifying the history of the city and the neighborhood take place regularly near the hotel. More information can be found at the front desk.


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