All four hotel rooms express the aspiration to provide a unique experience and to enlighten a different rhythm from the local lifestyle and the ray of history that inspires it in each visit.

Even though each room is used as a unique design stage, the designs seemingly stem from the raw materials of the rooms and the common spaces are brought together by the unusual combinations between old and new. Like a red thread, materials such as plaster, concrete, steel, and wood characterizing little Tel-Aviv can be spotted, when they meet an updated design statement and merge naturally with the brass, glass, special iron decoration, wall cladding, and bold colorfulness.

In three of the hotel rooms, there is a fully equipped kitchen, allowing the guests to return to their room with fresh products from the nearest market, with products and delicacies collected especially from unique shops. While enchanted with the breezy light wind and the relaxation of a calm vacation day, the dishes can be served, placed on the table, and you can commit to the local culinary experience rich in aromas and flavors.

Beit HaTzdafim captures for its guests the spirits of the past and the pleasures and rhythms reserved for these days. The unique experience provided by each of the five rooms shifts naturally between classic and elegance, exotic and fancy, as well as urban and warmness – and its guests are invited to experience the hotel time and time again. Differently.

פתח צ'אט
Shell House TLV
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