Beit HaTzdafim boutique hotel is inspired by the unique heritage of the white city and is located in Kerem HaTeimanim which is considered one of the most renewing, interesting, and colorful neighborhoods in the world. The hotel rooms jointly tell the story of both Tel-Aviv and the neighborhood, allowing the guests to become an inseparable part of the beating heart of the city, The hotel guests are invited to experience the livelihood of the market, walk along with the curved alleys, discover bars and restaurants reserved for locals, enjoy the Mediterranean beaches, and experience the unique history of the building and the inspiring stories of the journeys enveloping the Hebrew city.


Each of the 5 rooms in the preserved building is unique. They are all glorified with unforgettable designs, luxurious beds, refined textiles, custom furniture, carefully chosen artworks, unique textures, unusual claddings, live plants, and bold colorfulness.

The mysterious character of the person who printed thousands of shells in the front of the building and the fact that it is a part of the Zionist ethos – attracts visitors from all over the world. The completion of the preservation process and the attention allocated to the local presence, the design, and Development and the components of the experience, has made Beit HaTzdafim the perfect hosting place that gives those staying there a sense of the city and not just as visitors.

From an arms cache to a shell – the wondrous story of Beit HaTzdafim

Countless visitors from Israel as well as from all over the world have visited Beit HaTzdafim over the past several years. Its unique story is associated with major events in the history of Tel-Aviv and with the colorful yet mysterious character of Tov-Hai Tiram, who printed thousands of shells and small gestures of love all over the building walls.

The historical heritage of the building starts before Israel was declared as a state when it was a place of combat and incidents due to its proximity to the Arab neighborhood of Manshia. The fighters of the Lehi and Etzel visited it quite often and around the 40’s it was even used as the hiding place of the Lehi fighters. It was later discovered that in one of the rooms an arms cache of the Hagana was built.


Tov-Hai Tiram, who served as one of the Lehi fighters and for many years was in charge of the beaches of the city of Tel Aviv, lived at Beit HaTzdafim for 82 years until he died. He grew up in Kerem HaTeimanim neighborhood at the time it was called “the cardboard neighborhood” and used to participate at Kabbalat Shabbat led by Haim Nahman Bialik in the city. It is told that he loved to speak about those days and was particularly excited when sailing through his memories and telling the stories about the encounters with Meir Dizengof who used to accompany the Adloyada which took place in the city while riding his horse.

Tov-Hai, known for his endless love of the sea, used to collect shells and embed them in the front of his house. For many years, in endless diligence, he would create cladding, drawings, symbols, writing, and verses from the sources using the shells. The sharp-eyed could notice in the drawings and road markings the Atlanta ship, Noah’s ark, the zodiac, Adam and Eve, Jacob’s Ladder, the story of Jonah the prophet, and more. He used to write the verses using acronyms due to the lack of space. For topics dear to his heart he used to accord particular attention, and for them not to be left unnoticed, he left a particular decipher key which his children keep to this day.

With time, his elaborate art became unique exquisite work and the building turned into an important urban milestone and pilgrimage center. The sensitive and meticulous preservation work led by Dror Architecture Office kept most of the shell decorations at the front of the hotel while integrating them into the new contours and ensured their natural integration into its new front. The colorful character of the neighborhood of that time, the stories of that time, the inspiration, and the history are also expressed in the design of the rooms and the common spaces.

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